Drupal vs WordPress Terminology Guide

Chances are if you have been using WordPress or Drupal for a while you have become familiar with the terminology and when to use what where. However if you have to switch from one to the other it can become somewhat confusing. You can still achieve generally the same outcomes but all the terminology has changed. Also a handy beginners guide to terminology and features.

Using CSS3 Special Effects for Menus

CSS3 comes with a range of transition, transformation and animation properties that you can use to enhance your website and introduce animation without using Flash or JavaScript. There are also some nice design enhancements like text-shadows and border-radius. In this tutorial I'll demonstrate how to use these techniques to enhance a menu.

Speeding up WordPress

One of the great things about WordPress is all of the wonderful plugins available. The downside of adding all these plugins to your site is that your often loading your plugin JavaScript and CSS files in the header when they are not being used. Some may only be used once in your sight and others only in certain sections. In this post I've got some tips on cleaning out unnecessary header calls in your WordPress header.