The latest website launches

It's been a busy couple of months at Squigloo. We've recently launched a range of new website from shops, to blogs to promotional business websites. Read more to view the latest launches.

Boutique 48 Launch

Boutique 48’s online shop is now live! We worked with the West Australian start-up to design their new branding and logo. Phase 2 of the project was to design and develop an online shop. Boutique 48 wanted a modern and clean design that would appeal to their audience. It also be easy for them to be able to manage orders, add new products and other tasks.We also provided a bunch of promotional graphics to promote the launch on Facebook.

Check out the logo Visit the websiteContinue reading »

How to import CSV files to Excel

If your using a database-driven website (like a WordPress site) then you'll probably be able to export the data as a CSV file (comma separated values). This allows you to open the file in Microsoft Excel however the data doesn't always display in columns as expected.

Going mobile for Profiler Recruitment

There has been some exciting changes take place over the last month with the Profiler Recruitment website. We worked closely with Profiler Recruitment to review their current website and streamline the content for their target audiences needs.

One of the first major changes was to create mobile website that focused on the needs of users on the go. Our research showed that if you are viewing Profiler Recruitment on your mobile then you after contact information or job searching.  The mobile site focuses on providing quick access to jobs and contact details. It also has a built in call to … Continue reading »

New Dancing Birds Website

Check out the new Dancing Birds website. The Dancing Birds offer a range of event services including live music, photography, video and design. Squigloo worked closely with The Dancing Birds to develop their website to showcase their range of services. Particular attention was made to ensure all their videos, animation and audio content could be accessed across different devices including iPads. Visit