How to import CSV files to Excel

If your using a database-driven website (like a WordPress site) then you'll probably be able to export the data as a CSV file (comma separated values). This allows you to open the file in Microsoft Excel however the data doesn't always display in columns as expected.

How to resize images on a Mac

In part one of my resizing images post (how to resize images on a PC) I discussed why it is so important to resize an image before uploading to a website. Basically its going to make it quicker for you and quicker for your users. This tutorial will show you how to resize an image on a Mac for sending via email or uploading to a web server.

How to resize then email with iPhoto

  1. Open your photo
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Drupal vs WordPress Terminology Guide

Chances are if you have been using WordPress or Drupal for a while you have become familiar with the terminology and when to use what where. However if you have to switch from one to the other it can become somewhat confusing. You can still achieve generally the same outcomes but all the terminology has changed. Also a handy beginners guide to terminology and features.